Talk Nerdy to Me


After five years of not being involved in an academic setting, I needed a place to nerd-out.  I needed one night a month to forget about one-upping each other in witty banter, dating… Continue reading

Impact before One is Rich and Famous?


I spent the summer in China working for a microfinance company and after a summer of doing impact analysis for them, I need to figure out how to continue having a high personal… Continue reading

The Journey of a Social Innovation Fanatic


My journey to this course has been gradual. Throughout high school I was involved in several service learning groups and activities—everything from peer mentoring to mission trips to a Guatemalan orphanage. Based on… Continue reading

Too much to tell


Why am I taking this class? Too much to tell. One long interconnected chain of events. Fate, no doubt. Perhaps not too much to tell late at night to a friend. But definitely… Continue reading

A Photo and a Dream


It all began with a photo. There were two little girls, sisters, covered from head to foot in dust and wearing ripped, raggedy clothes. And yet, their faces were beaming as they each… Continue reading

Because you can do both.


My Dad is one of my heroes. Growing up I admired his ability to manage his own business, but I was always in awe when I saw him serve others, which he did… Continue reading

Getting into Social Impact


It wasn’t until my first year of college that I became interested in social impact.  I was actively involved in service and volunteer work, but not until my favorite band Switchfoot got involved… Continue reading



Welcome to BusM 490R, Social Innovation: Do Good Better!  Here is everything you need to know: – For detailed instructions on how to use this blog, visit the about page. – Class readings and… Continue reading

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