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Why I am I taking this Class?


I had another class that conflicted with this one but one day last week that class was canceled so I attended this class and quickly realized that I could not pass up the… Continue reading

Nicheless and Loving It


When I was a kid, I had a hard time with something: I wasn’t good at anything.  I’m not kidding.  You know how everyone starts finding their niches around middle school?  And you… Continue reading

The Trojan Horse of BUS 490R: Olivia Gallegos


Do you ever have those moments in life where you pause, and think to yourself, “What am I doing and how did I end up here?” as a Classical Studies major taking this… Continue reading

Be the Change, See the Change


My reasoning for taking this class is very simple, really.  Social innovation is my passion in life and I want to make a difference. So, naturally, when I heard about a brand new… Continue reading

From Dane . . .


My initial response to this question was that the description sounded intriguing, and that it would probably be a good opportunity to be with some like-minded kids that are filled with BYU zeal… Continue reading

Inspirations –> Questions –> Thoughts –> Epiphanies –> Actions


The story of how I became interested in this class is a history of cyclical happenings. In every situation where I am involved in changing something for the better, I was first inspired… Continue reading

Behold! How Great a Forest a Little Fire Can Burn!


Watch the video version of this post on YouTube Brigham Young University has an infamous cable channel, byuTV.  During my high school years, my mother (a BYU alumna) would frequent the channel, watching the… Continue reading

The Human Imagination!


Randomly, last Winter semester, while trying to discover what ‘Business’ actually was, I happened to stumble into the Ballard Center. I had heard that there were some on-campus internship opportunities available here… and… Continue reading

Talk Nerdy to Me


After five years of not being involved in an academic setting, I needed a place to nerd-out.  I needed one night a month to forget about one-upping each other in witty banter, dating… Continue reading

Impact before One is Rich and Famous?


I spent the summer in China working for a microfinance company and after a summer of doing impact analysis for them, I need to figure out how to continue having a high personal… Continue reading

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