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Pink Floyd was wrong


As much as I love their music, Pink Floyd was terribly wrong. We DO need education. Although I am pretty sure the underlying intent to their classic hit “Another Brick in the Wall” was… Continue reading

Biases Included


As I have assessed this question, I have come to the conclusion that many of the major issues are intricately connected. Separating one from the other (in regards to prioritizing which issues to… Continue reading

“If you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything”


Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Whatever answer you give me, I can tell you why you’re wrong. I feel that the question, “What is the most pressing issue the world… Continue reading

Truth and Light is the Solution


I wish I knew the answer. Well, I guess I might know the answer. Here’s a very crazy idea. If the human race were converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ we would… Continue reading

A Matrix of Urgency and Importance


I’ve been thinking about “the most important issue” in terms of a matrix (that I hope shows up) with the axes of long-term impact and urgency. Within each box there is a “most… Continue reading

Society’s Most Pressing Issue


In my opinion, poverty is the most pressing issue the world faces today. Poverty seems to be the root cause behind a host of other social ills: poor healthcare, lack of education, sanitation… Continue reading

Saving the Fathers


Perhaps it is the missionary in all of us that makes us say this, and it’s corny. Very corny. But as my dad says, “people eat corn.”(besides, if its plenty corny, we’ll eventually… Continue reading

World, we have a problem.


The most pressing issue facing the world today. It’s hard to say, mostly because I feel like my knowledge is limited and I am super biased by my very few actual experiences in… Continue reading



I think the obvious* answer and the most encompassing answer to what is the most pressing issue the world faces today, is not knowing God. This could be because of choice, or by… Continue reading

Selfishness and Greed


When I first starting writing the answer to this post I was on campus. I quickly realized that I had no idea. I had ideas, but no idea, if that makes sense. I… Continue reading

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