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I think that at this point I would choose my grandfather, William Ralph Andersen. He was one of the greatest influences on my life, and I owe a lot to the great dude.… Continue reading

It’s in the Name


The Gates Foundation. Doesn’t that get you excited just thinking about it? What comes to mind? Bill, the internet, massive sums of money, college scholarships, the works! Whats more, what a statement when… Continue reading

Interviewees and Dinner


An ideal interview would take place in the home, over dinner with lots of vegetables, and the question is who would I most like to have across the dinner table sipping grape juice… Continue reading

That’s Ideal


I thought of several people I could identify as “ideal interviewees.” Mahatma Ghandi, George Washington, and Albert Einstein were among the first to come to mind.  However, because the times in which they… Continue reading

Ideal Interviewees? You’ve probably never heard of them


Who would I interview if there were no limitations? Hmmm…good question. This has perhaps been the hardest post for me to write, mainly because I think I’ve changed my mind about a dozen… Continue reading

Inside Beauty Pageant


When I heard this question, I thought of the answers I gave every time someone asked me the question, “If you could have lunch with anyone in history, who would it be?” I… Continue reading

Who’s your Grandaddy?


Since high school I have been fascinated by the life of Mohandas Gandhi, and he is the first person that comes to mind when I think about who I would really want to… Continue reading

Ideal Interviewee


Given the chance to interview any person I want, with no limitations, would really get my head spinning!  Mostly, I’d like to interview people who have unknowingly impacted my view on the world.… Continue reading

What Ellen Degeneres, Steve Jobs, Thomas S. Monson, and Abraham Lincoln have in common


Who would you interview if there were no limitations on access to leaders and problem solvers in the world? Why? This has been the most difficult post for me to write, and for… Continue reading

Which leader do I have a Pinterest board dedicated too?


THE PROBLEM/IDEA Skills such as empathy, team work, motivation, communication, self awareness, conflict resolution are attributes that are often noted as top skills that are held by successful leaders and desired by employers;… Continue reading

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