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Siding with my main man Benny Franklin on this one


Here is the difficulty I am having with this whole definition thing: One part of me is wanting a real solid idea of this phrase so that it can be used by many… Continue reading



Definitions, definitions, definitions. So much fun… If you say any word about 20 times in a row, really fast, it messes with your brain, the word starts to sound funny and it makes… Continue reading

Are You Peacocking Me?


Definition.  Fit and athletic people seek it (I hear), dictionaries are dependent upon many, and we prefer it high for our television and entertainment systems. The act of defining when explained in other… Continue reading

Evolving Definition


From the very first time I officially heard about social entrepreneurship almost two years ago until now, my personal definition of the term has changed and evolved countless times. Although I believe that… Continue reading

Yup it Is


I think that it’s important to have some clear definitions of terms being used such as social entrepreneur. First off, we need to actually be able to communicate effectively with those within the… Continue reading

Concrete or Flexible Definition of Social Entrepreneurship


From what I understand, social entrepreneurship is based upon the principle of using innovation to generate the greatest impact in solving social issues. But I recognize my understanding as incomplete. As I thought… Continue reading

WHO needs the definition?


Does social entrepreneurship need to be defined? I think that any of us who are actually involved in the social sector would answer this question in the affirmative.  But why do we answer… Continue reading

you know what, what IS SE anyway?


Defining Social Entrepreneurship: Do you believe it is important to have one definition of the term SE? Why or why not? My initial reaction — no. That’s the beauty of Social Entrepreneurship: it… Continue reading

Defining Social Entrepreneurship


“You’re studying marketing, huh? So what do you want to do with that?” says a nice girl sitting next to me in the HFAC atrium. I pause for a moment, trying to gauge… Continue reading

The power of words


I believe that defining terms such as social entrepreneurship and social innovation is extremely important. Any great idea must be understood before it can spread. Difficulty in definitions often arise when we have… Continue reading

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