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Life’s a Garden: Dig it!


When I was a child, I have memories of being woken up ealy on Saturday  mornings to weed the garden.  I hated it with a fierce passion – so much that I swore… Continue reading

Root Causes


Root causes. I’ve been saying that word too many times, and it sounds funny now. I think the most difficult thing about digging down to the core problem of many issues, is patience… Continue reading

Roots Growing Deep


As I mentioned in class, seeking for a problem’s root cause is like opening a can of worms. I believe this is especially pertinent to poverty eradication because every root cause seems to… Continue reading

Digging Holes Builds Character


The difficulties present in analyzing the root cause of a problem can be better understood by comparing this process to one of my favorite childhood books, Holes. For those who have not read… Continue reading

Data Dude


The problems that we target are often deeply entrenched, humongo societal problems. They are complex and have many different factors that contribute to them. So one reason that it is so difficult, is… Continue reading

Gettin’ Dirty: The Roots


What makes determining root cause of an issue difficult in your mind?   This is an interesting question, because in my mind, I’m thinking of two separate questions: (1) What inherently makes determining… Continue reading

Isolating the Root Cause; Culture vs. Structure


I It seems like a lot of our conversations make root cause analysis like this simple picture- all these issues are related, but the strongest ones, or causal ones have lines leading to… Continue reading

Uprooting World Problems


When I lived at home, I could count on being awakened almost every Saturday (providing the weather was bearable) by my father’s booming voice, singing a stanza or two of the Cougar Fight Song followed… Continue reading

Behavior is the hardest to change


I”m definitely a believer that in virtually all cases, not just social entrepreneurship, determining the root cause is essential. Of course it will be difficult and time-consuming, but is through that difficulty and… Continue reading

Never ending?


What do we mean exactly by the “root cause”? I think our intentions are good when we analyze a problem and seek to understand the real cause behind it, but this inevitably leads us further… Continue reading

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