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How to Design the Most Interesting Midterm in the World


This week we presented our midterm projects to the Do Good, Better class. We were divided into groups of three and asked to map out the key players, the flow of power, the… Continue reading

My Takeaways


Normally a two hour class full of presentations doesn’t go by very quickly, but Tuesday’s class was definitely an exception. I thought each group did an incredible job, and I also thought it… Continue reading

Learning how to learn…. it actually happened


Can we agree on how cool this midterm was? Can we sit back and recognize that we were entranced for two hours? Can we concede the fact that this project was a huge… Continue reading

Wherever You Are, Be There


A midterm actually taught me real lessons that apply to my life?  What?!  Not only that, but it was incredibly difficult to narrow them down to only three.  But here’s a shot at… Continue reading

Oh, I want to do it again!


I would have to say, everything I want to do for the education system can, on a small scale, be succinctly felt in what we accomplished in this midterm: real education for applicable… Continue reading

Olivia’s Takeaways


I loved this project, and I loved all of the presentations. Every group did such a great job of mapping out the issues and presenting them to class! A couple of things I… Continue reading

The Goodness that Surrounds Us


The three most prominent takeaways I… took away from this midterm can be organized into the three largest portions of this midterm. First: Preparation and Research The first takeaway was an overwhelming feeling… Continue reading

How will you measure the success of your education? By the awesomeness of your midterms!


Can I first just say that this has been the most memorable, interesting and valuable midterm experience I have ever had. I think I will always remember participating in and learning about the… Continue reading

Justin’s Midterm Insights


The presentations were all great and I learned a ton. Here are my three biggest insights/takeaways: (1) More usually exists than I think I was so impressed to learn how many good organizations… Continue reading

Dane’s Takeaways


One thing I learned, is that although that there are many social problems in our community, there are many who are already implementing efforts to curb these issues. There are a significant number… Continue reading

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