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The Last Hurrah


I think looking across our room, seeing everyone’s face, and hearing their unique takeaway from the class, I felt a sense of camaraderie. I don’t think that it’s necessarily what we took away was… Continue reading

Whatever I’m doing, I’m wearing a Snuggie.


Honestly, career-wise I don’t know where I will be in 20 years (this was by far my hardest assignment). Knowing that I am a Classics major, that probably isn’t surprising. However, 20 years… Continue reading

“You’re a wizard, Harry”


I hope everyone heard Hagrid’s deep voice in their head as they read the title. Sigh… How I’ve longed to hear those words spoken to me (-Harry, +Olivia). I think the reason why… Continue reading

Mother Treasure Huntress


My molphin is a deep sea treasure huntress and being a kick-a mother. And basically, Hank helped me realize that I want to essentially be an adult Dora the Explorer… 1. I have… Continue reading

Olivia’s Takeaways


I loved this project, and I loved all of the presentations. Every group did such a great job of mapping out the issues and presenting them to class! A couple of things I… Continue reading

why Why WHY?


I spent a long time trying to come up with a creative post this week; however I wasn’t quite feeling it. I think the essence of measurement is to attribute effort with result,… Continue reading

Selection Criteria


If I had to select a social entrepreneur or organization, the organizations criteria I would most likely subscribe to is that of Ashoka. I really liked their organization of their criteria as well… Continue reading

Root Causes


Root causes. I’ve been saying that word too many times, and it sounds funny now. I think the most difficult thing about digging down to the core problem of many issues, is patience… Continue reading



I think the obvious* answer and the most encompassing answer to what is the most pressing issue the world faces today, is not knowing God. This could be because of choice, or by… Continue reading

Are You Peacocking Me?


Definition.  Fit and athletic people seek it (I hear), dictionaries are dependent upon many, and we prefer it high for our television and entertainment systems. The act of defining when explained in other… Continue reading

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