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The Beginning is the End is the Beginning


I think one reason I have enjoyed this class so much is because the things I have learned have been applicable to me in a uniquely personal way. It’s hard to summarize a… Continue reading

Mother, Marketer, Goat-rasier, and Dog Trainer


Disclaimer: This is kind of a molphin vision, but I’m excited about it nonetheless. One 20-year vision I came up with includes various aspects of social innovation involvement. By that point in my… Continue reading

Pick a card, any card!


“Describe one question you are wrestling with regarding your career/life plan to become a social innovator.” I must admit that the prompt for this week’s blog post doesn’t seem like much of a… Continue reading

What Ellen Degeneres, Steve Jobs, Thomas S. Monson, and Abraham Lincoln have in common


Who would you interview if there were no limitations on access to leaders and problem solvers in the world? Why? This has been the most difficult post for me to write, and for… Continue reading

How to Design the Most Interesting Midterm in the World


This week we presented our midterm projects to the Do Good, Better class. We were divided into groups of three and asked to map out the key players, the flow of power, the… Continue reading

Don’t Check Your Business Skills at the Door


Last night I heard John Keller, founder of RPM Revenue Drivers and serial/social entrepreneur, talk about the qualities that make an individual or an organization successful. He drew this pyramid and talked about how everyone… Continue reading

Finding the Best of the Best


My summer experience may make me a little biased when it comes to selection criteria for investing in social innovation, but I think Ashoka has the most robust and holistic criteria for this… Continue reading

Getting To the Root of a Problem


In my limited experience, at least three factors make it difficult for people to determine the root cause of an issue.   1. It’s too complicated Getting to the root of a social… Continue reading

Society’s Most Pressing Issue


In my opinion, poverty is the most pressing issue the world faces today. Poverty seems to be the root cause behind a host of other social ills: poor healthcare, lack of education, sanitation… Continue reading

Defining Social Entrepreneurship


“You’re studying marketing, huh? So what do you want to do with that?” says a nice girl sitting next to me in the HFAC atrium. I pause for a moment, trying to gauge… Continue reading

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