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Reflections on a ‘Do Good Better’ World


How is what you learned in this class unique to you? I believe that this class’s approach to learning is EXACTLY what the world needs right now. In the sphere of social innovation,… Continue reading

20 Years Later, and Still Kickin’!!


One of my initial reactions to this prompt in class, 20 years into the future, was this: “I’ll be Todd!” Then I kept going with m thought process, and decided: I’ll be Todd,… Continue reading

Army Agriculture!


“And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more” (Isaiah 2:4) Can you imagine?… Continue reading

It’s in the Name


The Gates Foundation. Doesn’t that get you excited just thinking about it? What comes to mind? Bill, the internet, massive sums of money, college scholarships, the works! Whats more, what a statement when… Continue reading

Oh, I want to do it again!


I would have to say, everything I want to do for the education system can, on a small scale, be succinctly felt in what we accomplished in this midterm: real education for applicable… Continue reading

Measuring Matters: Impact Investing


To convey my initial dominant feelings on the subject, if it can be measured, it should be measured. In particular, I am thinking about this and the future of impact investing. We know… Continue reading

Who I’m Looking For…


While I find the wording to be rather interchangeable among the selection criteria similar of several organizations seeking to fund social entrepreneurs, I found a few principles that I highly agree with in… Continue reading

Gettin’ Dirty: The Roots


What makes determining root cause of an issue difficult in your mind?   This is an interesting question, because in my mind, I’m thinking of two separate questions: (1) What inherently makes determining… Continue reading

Saving the Fathers


Perhaps it is the missionary in all of us that makes us say this, and it’s corny. Very corny. But as my dad says, “people eat corn.”(besides, if its plenty corny, we’ll eventually… Continue reading

you know what, what IS SE anyway?


Defining Social Entrepreneurship: Do you believe it is important to have one definition of the term SE? Why or why not? My initial reaction — no. That’s the beauty of Social Entrepreneurship: it… Continue reading

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