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Grand Finale


What unique things did I learn in this class? Well, if I quantified it, I would say that about 80% of what I learned in the class was new.  Heck yes!  But let’s… Continue reading

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?


I’ll share the potential 20 year vision I wrote down first, though it’s unfortunately hard for me to identify the path that I’m most likely to dive into.  We all know how emergent… Continue reading

Just keep the dream alive!


Here’s the question: how do you maintain your passion for social change while in intermediate careers? Now some background: It may not be practical to jump-in to full time work in a social… Continue reading

Helicopters, Farmers, Ninjas, and Astrophysics


I think one of the best radical hybrids would be one of helicopter pilot,  farmer, ninja, astrophysicist.  Duh!  To put it in simple terms, the key is being a social impact minded Jason Bourne,… Continue reading

Interview with Nikola Tesla? Yes please.


  I think I’m just as much curious about everything already in the world as I am passionate about creating new ideas in the world.  I think the person I would most like… Continue reading

Joys from a Midterm


  Problems look so simple on the surface.  I would refer to how an iceberg shows only its tip and compare it to how complex problems only show a little bit of themselves,… Continue reading

Karate Explosion!!


Yes, my title has nothing to do with the article, but now you might be reading it. Our question this week has to do with how much evaluation is a good thing. When… Continue reading

Invest in the System


In figuring out a criteria for impact investing in Social Entrepreneurs, I looked at the Skoll foundation and Ashoka.  As much as I am a fan of Ashoka, Skoll’s approach to investing in… Continue reading

Roots are too Messy


We talk about root causes to issues like finding one will bring us to a specific, singular, key problem.  Finding a root cause sounds super attractive, but I did a Google search and… Continue reading

Public Enemy Number 1


As much as I would like to say that slavery is the biggest problem facing the world today, I will have to identify scarcity as the number one problem in the world.  I… Continue reading

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