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Why I took this class


How is what I learned in this class unique to me? What I learned in this class was unique to me because it was about me. I learned about myself. I have been… Continue reading

Turning landfills into houses


There are so many possible paths in the future. One has been on the back of my mind for about 6 years now. I have only discussed it with maybe 4-5 people. Okay,… Continue reading

How to allocate time


One question I have been struggling with is how to find the balance between pursuing personal interests and using my time to help others. Basically what it comes down to is how to… Continue reading

The best of all careers


What would be the ideal career combination? That is a very very good question. One that I have been thinking a lot about lately. I would have to say it would be a… Continue reading

Justin’s Midterm Insights


The presentations were all great and I learned a ton. Here are my three biggest insights/takeaways: (1) More usually exists than I think I was so impressed to learn how many good organizations… Continue reading

Who said it would be easy?


Oh, measurement. I would have never thought that the thing I once had so much faith in would come back to haunt me. I shouldn’t say haunt – it doesn’t really haunt me.… Continue reading

Creation of a new BoP Industry


I am very impressed with the investing criteria of IGNIA, an impact investing fund based in Monterey, Mexico. Their criteria includes scale and impact, but what really impressed me was the idea that… Continue reading

Are you in it for the long run?


Two primary challenges of root cause analysis that come to mind are: (1) the time and effort required to do it right, and (2) knowing where to focus. TIME and EFFORT It is… Continue reading

Selfishness and Greed


When I first starting writing the answer to this post I was on campus. I quickly realized that I had no idea. I had ideas, but no idea, if that makes sense. I… Continue reading

The power of words


I believe that defining terms such as social entrepreneurship and social innovation is extremely important. Any great idea must be understood before it can spread. Difficulty in definitions often arise when we have… Continue reading

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