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The End of the Beginning


The Do Good Better class experience this semester has been invaluable and life shaping for me and even though it has come to an end I feel like it is really just the… Continue reading

20 Years: Another life


It seems like a long way off but 20 years from now is nearly double the time that I have already been on the earth. I hope to have accomplished many things but… Continue reading

Life-long mentor


Similar to many in this class I have had many thoughts and questions running through my head this semester as we have taken a deeper dive into the world of social innovation. I… Continue reading

A Computenginearitist


A Computer programmer/Engineer/Artist. The world is going digital and I believe every organization of the future will need the best Computer Programmers out there. If you want to be relevant nowadays you have to have… Continue reading

Who’s your Grandaddy?


Since high school I have been fascinated by the life of Mohandas Gandhi, and he is the first person that comes to mind when I think about who I would really want to… Continue reading

How will you measure the success of your education? By the awesomeness of your midterms!


Can I first just say that this has been the most memorable, interesting and valuable midterm experience I have ever had. I think I will always remember participating in and learning about the… Continue reading

Measuring Secondary Effects: Drops and Ripples


What really counts? I would say that the things that count the most are the things that are hardest to measure. I agree with the statement that says, “not everything that counts can… Continue reading

Investing in People


Different funders have different approaches to providing capital, for good reasons. But I think that one of the most important stages of a building an organization and a new solution is the early… Continue reading

Never ending?


What do we mean exactly by the “root cause”? I think our intentions are good when we analyze a problem and seek to understand the real cause behind it, but this inevitably leads us further… Continue reading

World, we have a problem.


The most pressing issue facing the world today. It’s hard to say, mostly because I feel like my knowledge is limited and I am super biased by my very few actual experiences in… Continue reading

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