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The Social Innovation High


I will always remember the moment when I first heard about Social Innovation. The feeling that I had about the idea of incorporating service, giving, and philanthropy to your business and career seemed… Continue reading

20 years into awesomeness (hopefully)


It’s interesting that I’m writing about a blogpost about where I’ll be in 20 years when I don’t even know where I’ll be this next summer, or this weekend for that matter! But… Continue reading

Everyone read this post. How do we inspire others?


“Describe one question you are wrestling with regarding your career/life plan or journey to become a social innovator” My first thought when I read this prompt was, “how am I going to choose… Continue reading

Ideal Interviewees? You’ve probably never heard of them


Who would I interview if there were no limitations? Hmmm…good question. This has perhaps been the hardest post for me to write, mainly because I think I’ve changed my mind about a dozen… Continue reading

My Takeaways


Normally a two hour class full of presentations doesn’t go by very quickly, but Tuesday’s class was definitely an exception. I thought each group did an incredible job, and I also thought it… Continue reading

Lebron James Probably Measures his Practice


Ever since I saw my first Stockton-to-Malone pick and roll in the 1997 NBA Finals, I was obsessed with everything basketball. I went outside that very night and shot hoops until my mom… Continue reading

It’s all about the Money***


The greatest, most realistic selection criteria that will determine the sustainability and eventual scope of impact is…(drum roll please)…the money**, specifically the ability to generate revenue and/or cash flow from operations. I’m sure… Continue reading

Behavior is the hardest to change


I”m definitely a believer that in virtually all cases, not just social entrepreneurship, determining the root cause is essential. Of course it will be difficult and time-consuming, but is through that difficulty and… Continue reading

Pink Floyd was wrong


As much as I love their music, Pink Floyd was terribly wrong. We¬†DO need education. Although I am pretty sure the underlying intent to their classic hit “Another Brick in the Wall” was… Continue reading

Evolving Definition


From the very first time I officially heard about social entrepreneurship almost two years ago until now, my personal definition of the term has changed and evolved countless times. Although I believe that… Continue reading

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