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The Un-Final: This is more of a new beginning.


UNIQUE TO ME Since 2000, I have known that I would be involved in the social sector.  However, I learned that involvement in the social sector was not enough. I crave social innovation.… Continue reading

Becoming Todd?


Based on feed back from my friends I love: Learning/Intellectual Stimulation Social Interaction/Building Meaningful Relationships Mission-Based Organizations (contributing to the world in an impactful way) Event Planning/ Bringing People Together Happiness/ Pursuit of… Continue reading

Journey to Become a Social Intrepreneur


To become a social intrepreneur, how does one obtain the best training? I thought it was fascinating that most of our class wanted to pursue social intrepreneurship. I recall it being between 80-90%… Continue reading



I wrote these while under the combined state of being awake and asleep.  I am fighting a little something something and struggled to stay awake past 9:30 last night.  That being said, no… Continue reading

Which leader do I have a Pinterest board dedicated too?


THE PROBLEM/IDEA Skills such as empathy, team work, motivation, communication, self awareness, conflict resolution are attributes that are often noted as top skills that are held by successful leaders and desired by employers;… Continue reading

Ready, Set… Go-als!


At what point does measurement become a hindrance?  Ask yourself the following two questions to help decipher if your measurement tool is useful or not. 1)    Does the measurement track your end goal? I… Continue reading

Selection Criteria I Subscribe To


If I worked for a foundation, which selection criteria would I recommend? I am sure this list will be a work in progress.  As I read through different websites and contemplated our discussion… Continue reading

Citrus Tree Parable


Excuse while I point out the obvious regarding citrus trees.  The fruit of a citrus tree and the roots look very different.  The fruit is often beautiful, delicious, smells good and attracts the… Continue reading

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.”


Although Reese Witherspoon’s rebuttal in Legally Blond is filled with holes, I partially agree with her logic.  I feel like there are a many things that happy people just don’t do.  I am… Continue reading

Does a daycare start-up = a social entrepreneur?


A blank stare, a few fake nods and then the moment happens. His eyes widen, his eyebrows lift and he seems to get the concept of social entrepreneurship.  He summarizes my tangled words… Continue reading

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