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“Stay in the Game Long Enough to Play” – Todd Manwarring


I love change.  I love creation.  I love innovation. I love when a thing (a technology, system, or paradigm, whether “good” or “bad”) is disrupted by a new or improved thing and causes… Continue reading

Merge the Probable with the Ideal


Here is my thought process when asked what my involvement in social innovation will be 20 years from now: 1) What is the most probable career I will have? 2) What is my… Continue reading



Describe one question you are wrestling with regarding your career/life plan or journey to become a social innovator” Similar to many others on this blog, I don’t know whether I should jump straight into working… Continue reading

Ideal Interviewee


Given the chance to interview any person I want, with no limitations, would really get my head spinning!  Mostly, I’d like to interview people who have unknowingly impacted my view on the world.… Continue reading



As a budding economist, I like to think that there’s a way to measure everything.  I’ve yet to find something that can’t be measured somehow, but I find many things that are very difficult… Continue reading

The World’s Best Bike


Imagine that I fitted you with the best bicycle and gear in the world. Your endowment is not available to any other person on Earth; furthermore, I entered you into the Tour de… Continue reading

Uprooting World Problems


When I lived at home, I could count on being awakened almost every Saturday (providing the weather was bearable) by my father’s booming voice, singing a stanza or two of the Cougar Fight Song followed… Continue reading

The World’s Most Pressing Issue


So, what is the most pressing issue in the world? First, have a look at these problems you may be more familiar with. Now I have six questions about your computer. Try to answer these… Continue reading

What is Social Entrepreneurship?


Here’s my video for this entry.  Still not great, but better than my last one, promise! Disclaimer: Following the links greatly adds to the depth of this entry, but will add a dozen… Continue reading

Behold! How Great a Forest a Little Fire Can Burn!


Watch the video version of this post on YouTube Brigham Young University has an infamous cable channel, byuTV.  During my high school years, my mother (a BYU alumna) would frequent the channel, watching the… Continue reading

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