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The End: Highlights and Questions


Imagine sitting in an office cubicle, looking out the window away from your computer screen flickering the most recent version of the power point you’re working on, wondering if there’s a more meaningful… Continue reading

The China Path


Reflecting on the molphin post vs reality, it seems crazy that what I want and what I think I want are two completely different things. So if you have additional suggestions or visions… Continue reading

Long Term Vision: Where doth it come from?


How do you decide on what you want to accomplish with our life, and do it fast. I’m convinced that knowing what you want to do gives you 35 IQ points, no joke.… Continue reading

Hybrid Career: Guinea Pig Consultant


Molphin. What would be the ultimate hybrid  career? I call it the Guinea Pig Consultant otherwise known as the­-  TravelNew Consultant; think RadioLab meets Skydiving. Please bear in mind this is my “reaction… Continue reading

Interviewees and Dinner


An ideal interview would take place in the home, over dinner with lots of vegetables, and the question is who would I most like to have across the dinner table sipping grape juice… Continue reading

Learning how to learn…. it actually happened


Can we agree on how cool this midterm was? Can we sit back and recognize that we were entranced for two hours? Can we concede the fact that this project was a huge… Continue reading

Measurement and Value Or which is more valuable, Diamonds or Water?


Measurement becomes a hindrance when you sacrifice outcomes that are hard to measure but more valuable for measurements that are easy to gauge, or that are accepted by other people. The challenge is… Continue reading

Selection; Survival of the Fittest


Darwin had it right. Let the weak and old get picked out of the pack. It’s a way to keep the herd free from diseases and to ensure that future progeny maintain the… Continue reading

Isolating the Root Cause; Culture vs. Structure


I It seems like a lot of our conversations make root cause analysis like this simple picture- all these issues are related, but the strongest ones, or causal ones have lines leading to… Continue reading

A Matrix of Urgency and Importance


I’ve been thinking about “the most important issue” in terms of a matrix (that I hope shows up) with the axes of long-term impact and urgency. Within each box there is a “most… Continue reading

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