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How can we measure the impact of this class?


To my beloved Do Good Better peers, I was thinking, I miss reading your posts and posting here. I figured that the only reason we’ve stopped is because we didn’t have a prompt… Continue reading

Identity and Impact Forthcoming


This is it. The final post. As many of you have already said, it feels like the end and the beginning. This feeling leaves me both reminiscent and anxious. I’m excited to see… Continue reading

20 Years of Innovation in Law and Education


Caveat: This plan is subject to change. I’m open to surprises. In order to construct a good vision for involvement in social innovation, I first considered my skill set. I’m good at being… Continue reading

Becoming ‘The Man’


My friends, My question is simply this: do we have to become The Man or subscribe to the tenets of The System in order to make change? Can we not simultaneously change the… Continue reading

Law-Guardian Led-Philos-ah


In order for education to take off (again), we need to undergo a systemic change similar to the one that occurred during the eras of enlightenment and industrial revolution. Inconveniently, there’s enough political… Continue reading

The Goodness that Surrounds Us


The three most prominent takeaways I… took away from this midterm can be organized into the three largest portions of this midterm. First: Preparation and Research The first takeaway was an overwhelming feeling… Continue reading

Re-Evaluating How and What We Value


This topic of measurement has occupied my mind for some time now. Measuring impact has quite a few complications. In order to make a point, I want look at an example that looks… Continue reading

What is Right


When I first considered these questions, I felt that choosing to defend one organization’s criteria over another was meaningless. As I’ve read further into these questions, I’ve found this analysis to be less… Continue reading

Digging Holes Builds Character


The difficulties present in analyzing the root cause of a problem can be better understood by comparing this process to one of my favorite childhood books, Holes. For those who have not read… Continue reading

Biases Included


As I have assessed this question, I have come to the conclusion that many of the major issues are intricately connected. Separating one from the other (in regards to prioritizing which issues to… Continue reading

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