This blog is part of BYU’s Do Good Better class on social innovation.

INSTRUCTIONS: On a regular basis you will be asked to blog about specific topics, or answers you are developing to questions. This blog is intended to become a repository for the class’s development and a way to learn from each other’s insights and perspectives. Blog posts should be between 250 and 500 words.  Each post should be marked with the ‘category’ that corresponds with the prompt (these will appear as options in the category box).

You will also be asked to read and comment on other student’s blog posts.  The purpose of this is to foster conversation and feedback between peers.  Your fellow students will be one of the most valuable resources available to you in this class.  When the syllabus indicates, you will be expected to read and comment on at least 3 posts from other students.  Your comments should be thoughtful and constructive, providing a fresh perspective, questions, or feedback.

GETTING STARTED: Each student will be invited via e-mail to contribute to the blog.  Once you accept the invitation you will need to create a username and password with wordpress.com if you do not already have one.  Please provide a brief personal bio by updating ‘my profile.’  You may also upload a photo of yourself as your icon.  No other student will have the ability to edit your posts in any way; likewise, you will only be able to edit and publish your own posts.

If you have any questions or technical issues please contact Lanée Jensen: lanee (at) peeryfoundation.org

Blog Topics: 

1. Why am I taking this class blog post: Self explanatory, right?

2. Defining Social Entrepreneurship: Do you believe it is important to have one definition of the term SE? Why or why not?

3. The most important issue for the world: In your opinion, what is the most pressing issue the world faces today? Why?

4. Challenges of root cause: What makes determining root cause of an issue difficult in your mind?

5. Selection criteria I subscribe to: If you were following ‘the smart money’, which funder’s selection criteria would you subscribe to? What is it about their criteria you agree with?

6. At what point does measurement become a hindrance OR “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”: Answer or discuss.

9. 3 personal takeaways from the midterm: Briefly describe.

10. Ideal Interviewee: Who would you interview if there were no limitations on access to leaders and problem solvers in the world? Why?

11. Molphin career: Get creative. Give us a description of a radical hybrid career.

12. Crowd sourced question: Describe one question you are wrestling with regarding your career/life plan or journey to become a social innovator. Ask for your peer’s input and advice.

13. One possible pathway: Share one of your 3 possible 20yr out visions for your involvement in social innovation.

14. Post your final paper on the blog. DUE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14th.