Eternal Rebirth and Renewal

I took this class because I knew there would be some top notch kids who have some similar ideas as me possessing their lives, and I knew I should probably be around them. I knew in general it was another opportunity I should seize upon to keep me on the right path. Both of my assumptions were right. The learning and progression was great and all you budding dudegooders/dogooders had valuable insights that made me think, reorganize, reconsider, recapitulate, oscillate, regulate, equipoise, etc. etc. and so forth.

I guess you heard me say these things on the last day of class, but I’ll try and clarify and explain better I guess. Stop me if I’m just being repetitive. Unique thing I learned: I don’t have to be so attached to outcomes. I can have greater fluidity in applying myself to my passions and taking risks, and then being able to absorb and accept the outcomes. Failure is the breeding ground for understanding and chances for reassessment of what you’re doing and where you want to go. Failures are refining fires that can solidify your intents to do good and open you up to better learn from whatever sources or experiences are necessary to produce an individual that can make the greatest and most meaningful impact, whatever that may be.

Something else I learned which is closely related to my last point, is that in order to really make our greatest impacts, we have to let go of our ego. We were all pretty blown away by Bill and his nature which allowed him to really be able to love and serve people effectively. He was able to be straightforward and honest with what he thought works without coming across as arrogant. I think we didn’t feel intimidated by him in any way, despite his vast success and experience in the field. He was truly ok with facing failure and learning from these experiences to become the best he could be. He was open to learning, correction, and change , which isn’t always the case for people, especially people his age. I felt that Bill was able to be these things because he has largely let go of his ego. Most of us live with an image we have to promote and defend in order to feel secure. If we can learn to let go of this, I think we can see ourselves and others more honestly. We are much more open to learning and changing. We can take risks and expose ourselves. We can seek more of our attention to truly caring and serving others. Our energy and focus as sentient being can be taken away from focusing on ourselves, to focusing on what is true and what is best. I know I definitely need to work on this for myself.

I’ve come to better understand that putting myself in the field that is creating the biggest impact is not the best path for my own fulfillment and possibly for my own impact as well. I think that there might be a slight paradox in my shift from trying to find the highest possible impact and putting myself there, to figuring out, where can I make an impact and also really love and enjoy the work. I think that this shift is a slight paradox because even though I may be shifting away from the work that I think has the highest impact, to work that I will love, this will allow me to make a greater personal impact as I am able to thrive through enjoyment and fulfillment. If I work in an area that I really love, I think I will be more likely to carry a naturally influential spirit. So, I think it’s awesome to consider, who would I have fun working with, where would be a primo place to live, etc.

I also relearned the importance of networking and building relationships with a wide variety of people. Not only is it essential for forging my own path and opening up opportunities, but also for my own understanding and learning. The more I consider the vast social problems that exist in the world today, the more I am convinced that there needs to be greater visions, greater cooperation, and more interdisciplinary work, in order to work towards more comprehensive and intelligent solutions. I want to be able to possess as much truth and knowledge no matter what field I go into. Too much failure and partial impact stems from lacking the skills and perspectives to understand root causes, and thus create effective solutions. We live in a highly complex world which needs the understanding of all disciplines and sources of truth and understanding if we really want to move forward. I have really appreciated the different perspectives I have been able to gain from my class mates and teachers in this class. I’m excited to continue to build upon what I have gained from this class.

Oh baby baby it’s a wild world, and I think it’s gonna be wild to see someday the collective impact of the individuals who were involved in this class. GOD SPEED