The Last Hurrah

I think looking across our room, seeing everyone’s face, and hearing their unique takeaway from the class, I felt a sense of camaraderie.

I don’t think that it’s necessarily what we took away was drastically different from the next person, but I think individually we are all strengthened, empowered, and energized to approach our lives, careers, and ideas with a critical eye and thoughtful questions. I think this feels different for all of us, and the way we will implement this perspective will be different for all of us.

My three takeaways from this class are the following:


Ask questions. Ask good questions. Thoughtful and calculative questions will often times yield more productive answers.

Ask questions you assume you already know the answer to.

Ask “Why”


Spend time with the issues you care about. Be observant. Be patient, and be okay with sometimes being wrong, or needing to re-evaluate your approach. This idea was pivotal for me; you don’t have to jump onto the fast moving train in order to make a difference, or feel like you’re doing good in the world. The process can be a little bit more developed, you can marinate, contemplate, and once you feel like you have enough of a grasp, you can get to work.

I was eased and relieved at this point in the class. This is when I realized that social innovation is a way of life, and not a menial task or a fleeting cause.

A Need

I think one of the most important and most empowering aspects of this class, was feeling that I am needed in this space. I think in the world everyone constantly seeks to have value in their life. People seek other people, events, lifestyles, careers, and many other things to feel a sense of security, a sense of belonging. I feel like this class, and diving into this space, truly helped me feel like my unique set of skills, my unique perspective, my unique contribution to the world is needed. There’s a greater cause, a greater purpose, a greater path that needs Olivia. Greater doesn’t necessarily mean high stakes or big money/risk, but there is something bigger than myself that needs me.

To continue a process of self-reflection and layered-learning I feel like you need other people. One person can’t do this alone. One person can’t learn everything in solitude. I need other people.

I feel like for a long time I’ve always believed that I needed to brave the storms alone, I needed to work hard and achieve alone, and that I’ve needed to become the right person, alone. The more I’m around amazing people, and able to learn from discussion and group work, I realize that the best things in life are experienced with others. We can strengthen each other, and help each other if we believe that other people have something to offer us.

I think there is so much power in networks, in friendships, and in team work. Together we can accomplish so much more, rather than any one individual effort.

All of this essentially means that I need to engage myself in discussion, in networks, and around people who are interested in the same things that I am. Interested in making a difference that is real.

I can be a part of blogging, social networks, and engaged in social media.

I also really liked the idea both Natalie and Justin talked about with journaling. I think having that time to sit and think and answer questions about yourself and your experiences is very important and can be really meaningful to learning.

Until next time.