Monthly Archive: December, 2012

Eternal Rebirth and Renewal


I took this class because I knew there would be some top notch kids who have some similar ideas as me possessing their lives, and I knew I should probably be around them.… Continue reading

Identity and Impact Forthcoming


This is it. The final post. As many of you have already said, it feels like the end and the beginning. This feeling leaves me both reminiscent and anxious. I’m excited to see… Continue reading

The Un-Final: This is more of a new beginning.


UNIQUE TO ME Since 2000, I have known that I would be involved in the social sector.  However, I learned that involvement in the social sector was not enough. I crave social innovation.… Continue reading

The Social Innovation High


I will always remember the moment when I first heard about Social Innovation. The feeling that I had about the idea of incorporating service, giving, and philanthropy to your business and career seemed… Continue reading

Experiencing my own passion


How is what you learned in this class unique to you? Well, I really didn’t know anything before this class.  We have talked about what the class would be like for someone who… Continue reading

Why I took this class


How is what I learned in this class unique to me? What I learned in this class was unique to me because it was about me. I learned about myself. I have been… Continue reading

Reflections on a ‘Do Good Better’ World


How is what you learned in this class unique to you? I believe that this class’s approach to learning is EXACTLY what the world needs right now. In the sphere of social innovation,… Continue reading

Grand Finale


What unique things did I learn in this class? Well, if I quantified it, I would say that about 80% of what I learned in the class was new.  Heck yes!  But let’s… Continue reading

The Last Hurrah


I think looking across our room, seeing everyone’s face, and hearing their unique takeaway from the class, I felt a sense of camaraderie. I don’t think that it’s necessarily what we took away was… Continue reading

R.I.P. SI: Do Good Better


I wish I could write a eulogy in place of this post.  SI: DGB, you will be sorely missed. But alas, life moves forward!  With a handful of committed new social innovators ready… Continue reading

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