Whatever I’m doing, I’m wearing a Snuggie.

Honestly, career-wise I don’t know where I will be in 20 years (this was by far my hardest assignment). Knowing that I am a Classics major, that probably isn’t surprising. However, 20 years is enough time to figure it out! Right?
When I think of a 20 year time span, I think of the concept of one step forward, and two steps back.
One step forward: There’s an App for everything. Thanks to the Snuggie, we can now wear a blanket and do anything. We got over things like…  Heintz Purple Ketchup, high-waisted ankle cut jeans and/or “Mom” jeans, and Smacker’s shimmer chap stick.
Two steps back: Twihards emerged. Clay Aiken’s “Invisible” song was recorded and distributed. Someone thought Ed Hardy was a good idea. Furbies are making a round 2 appearance. People started thinking the “euro-mullet” was cool.
Basically 20 years can be a long time. Trends will come and go, new careers will emerge, old careers will fade, society will call for different solutions to world problems, and I will be somewhere, trying to respond to the call of the times, and doing something during all of it.
If I am blessed enough to live another 20 years, and another 20 years after that, and another 20 after that, I hope I not only avoid being caught listening to “Invisible”… but I also hope I live the kind of life and become the sort of person that will be remembered as consistently trying to lift where she stood.
I feel like I will always be involved in social innovation at the community level. This could be on the PTA board at my kids’ school, serving in local government, or starting a program for underprivileged Latino children and families in my area.
The beautiful thing to me about social innovation is that it’s not necessarily a noun, it’s an adjective. It’s a way you do something. It’s a lens through which you see the world, and the way you respond to it. So I guess to finally answer the question (maybe you’ve made it this far in my post…) no matter what I end up doing, I’m determined to wear my social innovation glasses to choose to see, create, and solve in a way that actually works… and keep trying if at first it doesn’t.