Mother, Marketer, Goat-rasier, and Dog Trainer

Disclaimer: This is kind of a molphin vision, but I’m excited about it nonetheless.

One 20-year vision I came up with includes various aspects of social innovation involvement. By that point in my life, I see myself as a “stay-at-home” mom with a few children. I have many career goals and personal ambitions, but based on my personal experiences, I feel like it is vital for children to have a mother in the home if at all possible so I plan to quit working while my children are young. As a result, after pursuing a marketing career for a while I plan to stop working so that I can be home to be with my children.


I will be “retired” from a successful career in marketing and communications in various roles. For example, I will have had experience in a corporate marketing role, in a start-up marketing role, and finally in a role as a marketing director or consultant for a social entrepreneur.

I will make small personal donations to social entrepreneurs and organizations that I have researched and that I think are making an impact in the world. I will also invest with a trusted impact investing fund as well.

I will be highly involved in my local community, and I will develop and support effective programs that are working to create a stronger sense of community and to help people develop empathy and self-esteem.

As a side project, I would raise goats and train therapy dogs. I mean really, how can you resist the charm of a life like this?