Merge the Probable with the Ideal

Here is my thought process when asked what my involvement in social innovation will be 20 years from now:

1) What is the most probable career I will have?

2) What is my ideal involvement in social innovation?

3) What are the possibilities to merge what’s probable and what’s ideal?

Probable Career: I fully expect that, according to my current trajectory, I will be an executive of a tech company.  While I lack technical skills, I have always had a heavy interest in tech companies and have worked for a few high-tech companies (MySQL, Novarad, Pentaho, & MindTouch).  My two older brothers also work in the tech industry, and are, in different ways, nerds; my younger brother and I are also quite nerdy.  I’m especially interested in the marketing and operations of such companies, and believe I will find my way into positions where I can keep geeks happily coding and creating technology while I handle the necessary operations to keep them in business.  While ambitious, I feel becoming the COO or CEO of medium-size tech company is a probable career path for me.

Ideal Involvement: My passion lies in innovation (hence I love tech), but particularly social innovation.  I’ve learned that I love, embrace, and initiate change at an unusual rate.  I love evangelizing change, creativity, and innovation, so frequently speaking publicly on social innovation would be idealistic.  Additionally, I love talking to people about their ideas and helping them develop them, so I want to be positioned so that I can help others develop, almost in the style of a mentor or consultant.

The Merger of Probable and Ideal: I see no reasons why my probable career and ideal involvement won’t fit together comfortably and naturally, because I already do so much of both!  What I see in my future is a continuation of my current path; I will enhance my leadership and business acumen to become a valuable contributor to the tech industry, and I will continue to gain expertise in change, creativity, and innovation while evangelizing their merits and spreading their doctrines.  I hope that I can find work for tech social entrepreneurs and am sure I will find ways to be a social intrapreneur wherever I work.

Thoughts?  How is this similar to how you see your future?