Becoming Todd?

Based on feed back from my friends I love:

  1. Learning/Intellectual Stimulation
  2. Social Interaction/Building Meaningful Relationships
  3. Mission-Based Organizations (contributing to the world in an impactful way)
  4. Event Planning/ Bringing People Together
  5. Happiness/ Pursuit of Life Balance

I mention this because I think it is it important for me personally to incorporate these concepts in any position that I have now and in the next 20 years.

I feel extremely blessed to have all of these needs met at the Ballard Center.

I love being in a university environment where intellectual debate is encouraged, I am constantly impressed/inspired with the people I meet through the Ballard Center and genuinely hope to develop life-long friendships with the people I have met/ work with, I love the mission of the Ballard Center, I can’t think of an event that I am more excited to assist with planning than TEDx, and I feel that the work-load is very stimulating and provides life-balance.

Keeping in mind that I am extremely content with my position (and being content is not a feeling that I take for granted) one possible path is to continue working for a social innovation center at a university.  I imagine that at some point in my career I will want to pursue a director level position.