20 Years Later, and Still Kickin’!!

One of my initial reactions to this prompt in class, 20 years into the future, was this: “I’ll be Todd!”

Then I kept going with m thought process, and decided: I’ll be Todd, but play soccer. And travel, give TED talks, and educate through soccer programs.

My father is currently trying to get me in contact with a few organizations that the company he works at, Gillette, is involved with. Two of them (can’ recall the names off the top of my head) are soccer programs: seeking to help youth through the game of soccer. Soccer Dreams without Borders, America Scores, Grassroot Soccer, that type of thing.

Whereas I’m still looking into it, and the amount of actual difference I might be able to make there… if I could see one vision of myself in 20 years, it woul be thus:

Actively interacting with youth thoughout the world through the game of soccer, helping them gain knoweldge of the principles of social innovation, giving TED talks about the experience I’ve gained on the matter, and continuing to invest in Microenterprise ventures, such as the microfranchising concept.

I would love to be engaged with the youth as long as possible in my life, and I would love to be playing this sport for as long as I can. Why not combine them both?