The China Path

Reflecting on the molphin post vs reality, it seems crazy that what I want and what I think I want are two completely different things. So if you have additional suggestions or visions of what I should look into, let me know!

The possible pathways I see loop out into indefinition and return back at business school, then branch out into a startling array of directions.

And if I must choose to describe a path, here we go.

I would love to work for a health care company bringing American health care to China. Working on that for several years, acting as the liaison between Chinese hospitals and American hospitals, working on bringing over best practices through doctor trainings, equipment, and branding. How would this work exactly? In order for anything to fly, it would have to be a government recognized health care company that is bringing over government approved American brands- brands that the government was over there, and that is fighting to get. Then you would have to work with an established company with the right government connections to recommend to the government officials, hospitals, and investors in China to get a firm grasp on the market, and to get propelled into the market.

My path would start as either a representative of the American health care company as an analyst or as an operational assistant working as a liaison with the Chinese government and hospital representatives and the health care company’s senior management. This would probably include several trips over to establish relations, organize the actual transfer of technology and training, and several awesome weekend trips.

So that’s one possible path. But truly, if you have feedback, suggestions, referrals, or visions of what you see me doing, please let me know.