Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I’ll share the potential 20 year vision I wrote down first, though it’s unfortunately hard for me to identify the path that I’m most likely to dive into.  We all know how emergent our life pathways can be.

My 20 year vision starts, as did all of my possible pathways, with being married and having a few kids.  I’m making an assumption that I’ll be married for at least a little while before I’m 42.  Let’s keep that hope alive…

Besides that most important part, I outlined a vision for my career.  This vision had me as an upper level person in a consulting firm, possibly a partner.  I plan on entering consulting out of undergrad, and I might just like it enough to stay there.

In terms of socially innovative things at the 20 year mark, I would like to contribute as a board member of a social impact organization I care about, preferably one fighting to end human trafficking.  With my experience as a consultant, and long-time tracking and involvement in the issue, I hope to be able to make significant contributions to the organization beyond the average non-profit board member.

Interpraneurship can play an important role in my social innovation as well, but consulting firms tend to do a pretty decent job at taking care of important societal issues.  I’m sure more can be done, but this isn’t a topic that I have gained enough experience in to be able to come up with much of a picture of the changes I could make within the firm.  It may just be directing the pro-bono consulting work to the best organizations, or maybe the ones that I have the most interest in.