“You’re a wizard, Harry”

I hope everyone heard Hagrid’s deep voice in their head as they read the title.

Sigh… How I’ve longed to hear those words spoken to me (-Harry, +Olivia). I think the reason why is because I know exactly what I would do if I were a witch at Hogwarts. There isn’t any guesswork, just an incredible amount of fun and games to be enjoyed.

Think back to the last time you watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Towards the end there is the scene where Harry, Ron, and Hermione go through the trap door guarded by Fluffy the three-headed dog, they fall through to the Devil’s Snare,  have to find the right key to get through the door, face a troll (who was already knocked out by the time they got there), play real life Wizard’s Chess, and finally drink the potion to get through to the Mirror of Erised and the Sorcerer’s Stone. (May or may not have had to google all of that).

The flying key scene is where there are hundred of fluttering and flying keys and Harry has to fly through the room and try to  find and capture the one key that will open up the door to the next chamber.I feel like in my search for a fit in this world of social innovation, I feel kind of like Harry in this instance. However, instead of having a thousand keys to choose from, I feel like I have one key and a hundred different keyholes to choose from.

How do I know which keyhole is best? How do I know which keyhole will make me happy? How do I know if I am maximizing my potential? How do I figure out where and how I fit into this world?

In asking for help I can describe my “key” to you all:

I know I am passionate about: children, motherhood, the family unit, education, freedom, America, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I know the skills I bring are: critical/analytic thinking,  fresh calculative thinking, passion, artistry, smart and effective leadership, relationship building, networking, honesty and integrity among other things.

I have a very sound understanding of who I am and I know that I am a capable person.

All this being said, I really just seek a place in this world that I can call home. I seek to help others. I seek to share the light that I have with others.

Thoughts? Clarifying questions? Suggestions?

—You might also want to take into consideration the fact that I’m in Slytherin… and proud of it—