Life-long mentor

Similar to many in this class I have had many thoughts and questions running through my head this semester as we have taken a deeper dive into the world of social innovation. I have started to question a lot of things about myself and the field in general which has led me to think more critically about my own path.

I have thought a lot about the question of whether to enter the professional business world vs. the world of social innovation right after school as well as things like how to stay up to speed on the world’s most challenging issues and the current work being done to solve them and how to be an active participant and leader in the space during the different stages of my life.

One other question that comes to mind that I have thought a lot about is: Whether I am working directly in the field or not how can I be able to share my passion for social innovation & entrepreneurship with others and help them learn about and get involved in the space? What this really comes down to is my desire to be a life-long social innovation mentor, to the rising generation and everyone else out there.

I really believe that everyone should be learning the things we are learning about in this class; root cause analysis, solution evaluation and impact measurement and so much more. I think that every single person, no matter what their specific interests or talents are, can participate in this movement and resonate with the desire to make a meaningful difference in society and the world.

So, how can I be a great, life-long social innovation mentor? How can I influence not just my inner circle of friends and family but society on a larger scale?