Journey to Become a Social Intrepreneur

To become a social intrepreneur, how does one obtain the best training?

I thought it was fascinating that most of our class wanted to pursue social intrepreneurship. I recall it being between 80-90% of the class.  I am interested for both personal and professional reasons.  If our class is representative of what typical BYU students are seeking in the realm of social innovation, how do I connect/train students how to be intrpreneuers with in the current context of what the Ballard Center offers?

This sent me into a spiral of internet research. I noticed that the BYU Center for Entrepreneurship had tips on how to get started.  I was hoping that by looking at tips for entrepreneurs they would be transferable to intreprenuers, this does not seem to be the case.  It also seems that any position in a company could feasibly turn into an intrepreneur so how do we develop best practices to teach others?  Are there even best practices that exist?  At what point do you become a social intrepreneur or are you just doing your job more effectively?  Who are the world’s most renowned social intrepreneurs?

This naturally lead me to googling “social intrepreneur” only items for “social Entrepreneur” appeared.  When I looked up just intrepreneur the definitionon on Wikipedia was “A person within a large corporation who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk-taking and innovation”

One of my questions, does a social intrepreneur have to create a product that is profitable?  Or can they look at items that are helping with the overall health, welfare and job satisfaction of current employees.  Although in this example their findings may or may not generate typical revenue, they may provide SROI.

My research lead to a series of more questions for my journey… good thing I love learning.  I especially love learning by engaging in conversation   Ideally I would like to set up a mentor-type situation; however, at this point I wouldn’t even know whom to approach as an intrepreneur mentor. Any thoughts on who you would approach?

Thank you in advance to anyone who has insights on these questions.