Davi Gets Real – What Came First: The Passion or the Egg?

Oh jeez. That’s my reaction to this prompt.
Well folks, I guess the time has come for me to be serious in a blog post. We’ve all been waiting for it, and here is the day.
We talked about passion last class: Does our passions lead us, or do we lead our passions? I feel like that question is sort of like the whole did the chicken come before the egg thing. They go together. Our choices decide our passions, but our passions affect our choices. Somewhere in this complicated mess of emotion lies my problem. I can’t figure out how to guide my choices to best suite and to best guide my passions.
Here’s what I know: I love loving people. I know I love talking to them and being around them and seeing the good in them to the point of helping them see it too. I know I love the feelings that accompany befriending the friendless. I know how it feels to see someone who attempted suicide two weeks previous to meeting you, suddenly understand a little better how much God loves them. I know what it looks like to see an orphan baby cry for his mom, and only find solace in your arms. I know there is pain in the world. I have seen it and felt it, but I have also seen and felt the happiness that comes of serving people in pain and being on the journey with them out of it. I have seen the hurt that comes from it, but I have also seen the positive things that come from pain. I would never want to rid the world of it. I don’t think I will have a huge goal as a social entrepreneur, trying to rid the world of its problems. I think that is awesome, but it’s not for me. Rather, I want to help individuals understand how to take their bad and turn it into good. I want to empower people to make the changes in their lives that will make them happier. I want people to see themselves the way God sees them. I want them to truly believe they are worthwhile.
With that being my knowledge and passion, I am not sure where to go from there. There is no lack of passion here, whether it be the deciding kind or the kind in need of deciding. But see, that’s what poses a problem. How do I decide? And how do I expect myself to help others take control of their lives when I feel like I am not taking charge of mine?