Becoming ‘The Man’

My friends,

My question is simply this: do we have to become The Man or subscribe to the tenets of The System in order to make change? Can we not simultaneously change the world while befriending The Man and injecting some soul into The System? Is there some family therapist that we could meet with? Do we really have to fight it? Is being squashed a legitimate fear that we have to deal with? What about peace? love? tie-dye? (Ok, I took that too far.)

But seriously, what are we to do? We all have the best intentions and some pretty intelligent ideas. Our ambitious are grand. Our courage, epic. Yet, we stand at the mouth of a canyon formed by millions who took the beaten path. It looks like prison. And no one likes prison. We aspire for the heights of canyon walls. We believe that it is there that we can make the difference. We are told there are ways up to the top along the path, and we want to believe that. But it’s an act of faith to believe that. It’s nerve-racking. However, it’s also an act of faith to scale the walls on our own, without treading the beaten path. Either way, it seems no path promises what we hope for.

Interestingly enough, I’m OK with the uncertainty. But I still need to make the decision. Be The Man in order to beat The Man? Take The Man mano y mano? Or what if we decided to convert The Man? Which approach is my best fit? That’s my question.