Describe one question you are wrestling with regarding your career/life plan or journey to become a social innovator”

Similar to many others on this blog, I don’t know whether I should jump straight into working for a social venture after I graduate, or if I should work elsewhere first.

I literally change my mind on this every few weeks.

The last swing was on Tuesday – now I’m leaning toward working for some tech companies, honing my skills, then entering a social enterprise with a developed set of skills and offerings.

But… I could join a social enterprise right out of graduation, while my network through the Ballard Center is strongest, and I could develop the skills needed by the organization while I’m there and start building value immediately.  Plus, I won’t get drawn away by a lucrative career in tech.


One thing for sure is that I will always be a social innovation evangelist.  I love Tweeting, Facebooking, writing, and talking about this stuff!