Pick a card, any card!

“Describe one question you are wrestling with regarding your career/life plan to become a social innovator.”

I must admit that the prompt for this week’s blog post doesn’t seem like much of a challenge since all I have to do is open our workbook for class at random and such a question will doubtlessly surface.

The career question that has plagued me for the past few years of college has been this: Should I jump straight into the social sector after graduation, or would I be better off taking a for-profit or corporate job first to gain the skills I need so I can have a greater impact when I make the switch to non-profit later?

However, thanks to this class and to my experiences over the past few months, I think I’ve gained the insights that I need to answer that question—at least for now. I feel good about the conclusions I’ve drawn, and I think all that remains is for me to move forward so I can continue to unlock new insights bit by bit as I go.

Not onto the real question I would like to pose: How can I discover and decide which issues I want to work on? There are so many social problems in the world that it’s hard for me to focus and to decide where I want to make my impact. It kind of feels like drawing cards out of someone’s hand right now.

Since I lived in Panama for a few years, any issues that involve Latinos in America or social issues in Central America naturally draw my attention, but I still haven’t felt any sort of pull to something specific. Usually I just want to learn about everything and get involved in everything, but I recognize that I need to narrow my focus. So how do I do it?

Any thoughts?