Just keep the dream alive!

Here’s the question: how do you maintain your passion for social change while in intermediate careers?

Now some background:

It may not be practical to jump-in to full time work in a social impact environment.  Whether from lack of experience, lack of available opportunities, inability to come up with ways to feed a family while focusing on social change, etc., many of us will likely enter the “regular” workforce and try to find ways to evoke change from within the organization we work for, and perhaps do other things outside if time permits.

It’s tempting to create a plan to go get some serious and useful work experience for a while as you continue to brainstorm and make connections in a social impact field of interest, planning on increasing you contribution in time, money, or expertise as you become more advanced in life.  But how do you escape the temptation to slow down and simply settle?

We’re going to have lots of other obligations demanding our time, attention, focus, effort, and care.  Even if we don’t lose the drive for social change, how do we ensure that we can be willing to make the necessary sacrifices to play the full role you can when the time comes and the incubation period is over?  And how do you know when it’s over?

And how do you get your spouse and family on-board?  Do you just need to make sure your spouse is awesome in that specific respect and shares those passions?

I appreciate your input.