Mother Treasure Huntress

My molphin is a deep sea treasure huntress and being a kick-a mother. And basically, Hank helped me realize that I want to essentially be an adult Dora the Explorer…

1. I have ALWAYS wanted to be an archaeologist, and I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Egypt and find buried gold and treasure. Some kids wanted to be a vet and save animal lives, I wanted to look at dead mummies. This love is totally applicable to treasure hunting, and I think I might prefer it.

2. I love the ocean. It’s warm, you get a great tan, there are beautiful fish, and lots of cool stuff at the bottom of the ocean!

3. I love kids, not yours, but my own. Or, at least I will love my kids. They don’t currently exist.

4. I think being a mother is one of the most rewarding, challenging, and fun careers out there 🙂