Hybrid Career: Guinea Pig Consultant

Molphin. What would be the ultimate hybrid  career? I call it the Guinea Pig Consultant otherwise known as the­-  TravelNew Consultant; think RadioLab meets Skydiving.

Please bear in mind this is my “reaction to feeling locked down” post. Enjoy.

It would be something like this. People like trying new things- but it’s scary to do new things. Or crazy things. So you figure out how to get someone to do it and make all the mistakes, so you can go talk with them and get the best practices so when you go, it rocks. I want to get hired to go first, mess up, do it a couple times, come back with stories about how to have a real experience, and then teach people how to do it. And you come back with the background, history, and context of everything that is happening so that you’re not just feeling an experience, you’re getting the Radiolab side of it as well.

Example: Border runs from Beijing to Mongolia- for the thousands of expats in China, they need someone to go figure out how to make a border run that isn’t flying to Hong Kong for hundreds of dollars. Send me.

Example: Once you’re in northern Thailand, where is the best place to get lost with a scooter? Send me.

Example: What are the lowest prices at Chinese flea market and not get ripped off? Send me.

Example: What’s it like to set up an emergency clinic in the middle east? Send me.

Example: How do you travel off of less than $5 in Europe? Send me.

Example: What is the best way to spend 3 days in rural Brazil? Send me.

Example: What’s the safest way to hitchhike across the US? Send me.
I guess it’s about maximizing crazy/meaningful experiences and doing it yourself. What does this have to with social innovation? It’s about changing people’s experiences from touristy artificial experiences to something meaningful and transformative so they come out someone new.

And then you come back and teach a college class on doing that. At Bombay House. What would make this better?