Japanese Inventions

Japanese Inventions (Photo credit: kenleewrites)

I wrote these while under the combined state of being awake and asleep.  I am fighting a little something something and struggled to stay awake past 9:30 last night.  That being said, no further intro is needed:


Not just for kids with tragic looking bangs.  Emoprov teaches youth and adults Emotional Intelligence through Improv Comedy. This is actually a very natural fit.  Improv teaches individuals communication and listening skills, how to overcome fears, failing with flare, vulnerability and teamwork.   Learning these soft skills while laughing your way through class will be hard to forget.


Want a free massage while teaching your child how to play tennis? You can unwind while they get rid of their excess energy.  You’ll sit in a luxurious massage chair while children delicately hit tennis ballsat your back. The repetitive motion of balls hitting your back will release all kinds of toxins.  The children practicing tennis will learn to hit with precision.

Bus Press

Let’s face it, when you are relying on public transportation, it takes significantly longer to travel and the elements can be exhausting.  By the time you get to your final destination you look and feel haggard.  While adding that kind of time to your workweek, who has time to iron?  While bus drivers take individuals around town, an ironing service is set up in back.  The iron is hooked to the mechanics already set-up in the machinery of the bus…. which makes this a very energy efficient combo. Travel and look freshly pressed when you are done!


Teaching empathy by bringing babies to classrooms.  This is an existing program called Roots of Empathy. Research shows that by bringing a baby to a class, it reduces school bullying by 50%.


Tag lines: “Even if you loose someone wins” or “Feel better about loosing money!”

When you are sitting in front of slot machines for endless hours, companies can sponsor slot machines.  For each 10 minute increment you stay on one machine pennies get donated to the corporations charity of choice.  This will encourage patrons to use their machines even longer.


Solar Zumba

You’re heart isn’t the only thing that’s pounding when groove to the Zumba beats, so is the floor. The vibrations created through the floor energize the self sustaining lighting system in the gym.