Adventure Circus World Betterment Team

There are a few things I would really like to have in the molphin dimension. First off, I’m interested in working on the severe social problems that exist in developing nations. If I’m going to be working in these areas, I want to be a part of the circus which is constantly perpetuated in the lawless traffic that usually exists in these countries. This last summer in India I rented a motorcycle for 5 days (at $4/day), and I had the time of my life driving on beautiful mountain roads, and in the madness of the city traffic. I also met another motorcycle enthusiast and I took that pic ofhim.  So as a molphin, I will prefer to drive on a motorcycle where ever I am. This would also mean that I will have the opportunity to motorcycle and experience many different places on this planet.

I am also really interested in the potential of using the perspectives and techniques used by Psychologists in a development setting. I think that mindsets and perceptions are often powerful contributors of poverty. I think that societies need powerful and self aware agents if they are to develop in a sustainable and meaningful way. So, I think that techniques that have been developed for counseling, have the potential to be tweaked to  allow people to become aware of, and change their mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs, which are contributing to holding them back from developing individually and as communities. So I guess that means I would be a Psychologist on a motorcycle who develops programs to help empower people with the mindsets and beliefs to thrive and actualize their potentials.