A Super Social Innovator

I am going to quickly walk you through the careers I have wanted to be a part of.  P.S. This is just high school.   Writer, Fashion Designer, Hip-Hop Choreographer, Politician, Teacher, Soundtrack Song Selector, Non-Profit Fundraising Event Planner, Wedding Planner, Counselor, Doctor, Head of an NGO, and Board Game Creator.  It know that it seems like a roller coaster.  Well, it is worse to have ridden it for real – trust me.  In college, I have considered all of those things except for the super creative ones (mostly because I wouldn’t be good enough at it – and I have finally come to terms with that).  But even when it comes to the discussions in class, everyone breaks up according to interest, and I secretly want to be in everyone’s group (except you financial/econ people – no offense).  But then when I have to choose between Education, Government, and Emotional needs, I feel like I am capable of going into these areas, and I am fiery passionate about them.  I find myself not really choosing any group, and instead trying to listen to everyone’s conversations.  Until this last class.

I was talking with Dane and Alicia and Chris, aka the misfits who can’t choose either.  And I got myself thinking about people I already knew in my life.  There is a woman named Amie Newberry who was a teacher of mine my senior year of high school.  She taught a class we called Critics of Society.  It was Do Good Better, but taught for high school students and camouflaged as an English class.  I can honestly say that it, and she, changed my life.  It was all about learning about ourselves and what we have to offer the world and how we can offer it, and then offering it.  I am still in touch with the people in that class, and especially with that teacher.  She got me into this world of social innovation without me realizing it.  She is a social innovator – the quiet kind.  I want to be like that.  I want to combine my three passions into something meaningful for others on both an individual basis and for a larger scale.  I haven’t chosen yet how I will do that, but I think being a Newb might just be it.  It is my top option for now at least.   Basically, I want to be a social innovator on every level possible.  In that class, they called me Super Davi.  And I think being super davi in my adult life means being a super social innovator.