A Computenginearitist

A Computer programmer/Engineer/Artist.

The world is going digital and I believe every organization of the future will need the best Computer Programmers out there. If you want to be relevant nowadays you have to have an online presence and you have to be able to communicate in the spiderweb of digital networks. Not only that but every system (financial, organizational, etc) is run with computers. I think that having the hard technological skills needed to program computer software would be a crucial ability to have in a hybrid career dedicated to solving big social problems.

Engineers. They are the future. Mechanical, chemical, biomedical, structural, you name it… Along with the behind the desk skills that come with being a programmer I would love to be able to have the brain of an engineer. Being able to create, design and build anything from a new medical device to a skyscraper would be invaluable in the work of solving so many of the world’s problems. Understanding math and physics would be a great foundation for looking at any problem critically and having an engineer’s brain would be an amazing asset.

Obviously I would need something to round out these two very technical career focuses and so what better way to get outside the box and be creative than having the skills of an artist. I have somewhat of a personal bias in this because I have loved art my whole life but I think it would be a great addition to a career mashup because an artist has to be able to think creatively but also understand the rules and laws associated with art. In art, before you can bend and break the rules you have to first understand them. Being able to create an idea and then visualize it and put it on paper or canvas would bring a necessary innovative ability to the combination of skills found in the career mashup.

Great innovation is a combination of passion, creativity and hard skills. With the brains of an engineer, the skills of a computer programmer and the creativity of an artist I think great solutions would be created.