Helicopters, Farmers, Ninjas, and Astrophysics

I think one of the best radical hybrids would be one of helicopter pilot,  farmer, ninja, astrophysicist.  Duh!  To put it in simple terms, the key is being a social impact minded Jason Bourne, with some extra enhancements.

I think most of the justification goes without saying, but I’ll go ahead and expound.

Flying helicopters qualifies as both useful, and awesome.  Even though flying super-sonic jets qualifies as more awesome than even the best helicopter, the advantage of the helicopter comes with its ability to efficiently land in more locations and perform a greater variety of basic functions.  Sure, some planes like the Osprey and the Harrier are capable of vertical take-off and landing, but they’re fairly inefficient when they do so, and are just too large.

Farming also qualifies as extremely useful.  Many of the world’s most intractable problems come from malnutrition at some level.  If you could use your helicopter to fly around the world farming everything needed everywhere, then you could create an immense amount of dependency on your goodwill and create a social movement large enough to pull its weight in the political sphere.  Getting politicians behind things often creates some inertia to any movement.

I’m not sure that I need to justify ninjitsu’s place in the magical career mash-up.  Essentially, you will have the skills of mobility, strength, wisdom, and stealth, to gather whatever information you may need and influence things from behind the scenes.  Knowledge of ninjitsu also brings high levels of confidence and a sense of being “really cool” that can boost nearly anyone through tough times.

Astrophysicists are extremely smart.  Part of having the best mash-up career ever is being really smart.  The analytic capabilities of astrophysicists are astounding, and I’m sure that someone with such a level of genius could apply their capabilities to many subjects.

Hopefully this was sufficiently radical.