Interviewees and Dinner

An ideal interview would take place in the home, over dinner with lots of vegetables, and the question is who would I most like to have across the dinner table sipping grape juice and wanting to talk.

While this is a social innovation blog, I’m going to take the opportunity to list people who I believe are some of the greatest examples of changmakers (and not always  positive)  that I would love to talk to and the theme of our conversation.

  1. Jesus Christ and why he loves people
  2. Abraham Lincoln and the current political direction of the USA, and where he thinks it needs to go.
  3. Hitler and his logic and decision making process
  4. Adam Smith and how he would approach social innovation
  5. Ernest Shackleton and how to lead

Why these ?

  1. Empathy and character. How do you really truly connect? How does the well of purpose commitment and vision extend beyond making money, and how does one do it?
  2. When tough decisions have to be made, how do you stay true to the highest ideas. When opposition rages, how do you stay the course for what you know to be right?
  3. What are the signals that you’re wrong even when you think you’re right? What are the signals that  your logic, reason, and actions being wrong, misguided, based on bias, hateful, and ultimately condemnable?
  4. How do you balance reason and revelation?
  5. How do you come to lead men to do things that they could and would never do themselves?

These are what I think would be the most fascinating conversations to have, ever.