Inside Beauty Pageant

When I heard this question, I thought of the answers I gave every time someone asked me the question, “If you could have lunch with anyone in history, who would it be?” I never had one answer. I always sat and thought and ended up only saying one, even though I wanted to sit down with about twenty people by that point. I felt like I was not giving those other people a chance. I know this isn’t real, but we all know that the dreams we say out loud come true, so I needed to say the right ones. One time I distinctly remember imagining a beauty pageant in my head, with all these influential people being the candidates, strutting down runways in their evening wear. It didn’t get very far, because you only have so imagination time when you are trying to carry on a conversation, but here I will further the contest. Though, it will become less of a typical beauty pageant, and more of a “beauty on the inside” pageant. What would the categories be then? I would probably not count the swimsuit portion (but I would definitely still have it – it’s too good to pass up). What is it in these people that makes me want to learn more about them?

Someone who views the world in an interesting and distinct way.
Someone who makes change in every action.
Someone who is not puffed up so much that they wouldn’t ask me any questions back (does that make me puffed up?)
Someone who I would love to live with for a month.
I think most of all, I want to interview someone I want to be more like.

Who are you thinking of?
I think I would want to talk to Hyrum Smith. Hyrum Smith was the brother of Joseph Smith, the first prophet in the Latter-Day Saint religion in this time period. I feel like he was one of the most influential behind-the-scenes characters. He supported his brother and loved and revered his brother until they died together. He made the quiet kind of change. I would love to discover how
There’s Mother Teresa. She is hope embodied in a person. Hope for the world, hope for goodness in people, and hope for girls who fear they will be extremely unhappy if marriage never happens to them. Did you know she wouldn’t give interviews for people until they came and worked with her? She would have them work in the orphanages for a few weeks, and then she would give them time. She believed that they couldn’t understand her enough to write about her until they lived and worked with her. She gave her life to others, and helped others find a way to give their lives to others also.
There’s Joan of Arc (gave her life for her beliefs), and George Washington (showed faith and courage in hard situations for the benefit of the future), and Parley P. Pratt (only the world’s best missionary), and Gandalf the Gray/White (the wisest character ever thought up).

If I could learn anything from these people and perhaps learn their ways a bit, I would be one happy camper. But since that may prove to be difficult, I can settle for just trying to be more like them. That would do the good that an interview would.