Monthly Archive: November, 2012

If there was a vague reward.


Funny I get asked this question now.  This is the first time in my adult life that I have had a faint idea of what I would be doing with my life for… Continue reading

I Want to Be a Good Person


The more and more I think about my life, the more I realize that my central desire is one basic thing:  to be a good person.  I want to be a good person! … Continue reading

Whatever I’m doing, I’m wearing a Snuggie.


Honestly, career-wise I don’t know where I will be in 20 years (this was by far my hardest assignment). Knowing that I am a Classics major, that probably isn’t surprising. However, 20 years… Continue reading

20 years into awesomeness (hopefully)


It’s interesting that I’m writing about a blogpost about where I’ll be in 20 years when I don’t even know where I’ll be this next summer, or this weekend for that matter! But… Continue reading

Dudeing with the Dalai Lama


I’m only going to be 43. This is a possible pathway I think I would really be into: I would love to end up working for Stanford’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research… Continue reading

Mother, Marketer, Goat-rasier, and Dog Trainer


Disclaimer: This is kind of a molphin vision, but I’m excited about it nonetheless. One 20-year vision I came up with includes various aspects of social innovation involvement. By that point in my… Continue reading

Merge the Probable with the Ideal


Here is my thought process when asked what my involvement in social innovation will be 20 years from now: 1) What is the most probable career I will have? 2) What is my… Continue reading

20 Years of Innovation in Law and Education


Caveat: This plan is subject to change. I’m open to surprises. In order to construct a good vision for involvement in social innovation, I first considered my skill set. I’m good at being… Continue reading

20 Years Later, and Still Kickin’!!


One of my initial reactions to this prompt in class, 20 years into the future, was this: “I’ll be Todd!” Then I kept going with m thought process, and decided: I’ll be Todd,… Continue reading

20 Years: Another life


It seems like a long way off but 20 years from now is nearly double the time that I have already been on the earth. I hope to have accomplished many things but… Continue reading

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