Which leader do I have a Pinterest board dedicated too?


Skills such as empathy, team work, motivation, communication, self awareness, conflict resolution are attributes that are often noted as top skills that are held by successful leaders and desired by employers; however, ironically schools rarely focus on these interpersonal skill sets rather they focus predominately on academia.

The non-academic skill set mentioned above have been coined as Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Over the past year I have been increasingly more interested in EQ.  Many life experiences including the following examples keep bringing me back to this concept:

  • It started while I was teaching a management class to Exercise and Nutrition Majors at San Diego State, I wanted to focus on skill sets that they could take with them beyond the finals.
  • As I learned more about EQ I realized that these skill sets were the attributes that would increase an individuals personal happiness and fulfillment.
  • Research has shown that students academic scores are increasing; however, EQ is decreasing.
  • I am passing out candy to trick-or-treaters this evening and have been increasingly disappointed with the number of children and adults that say thank you!
  • While taking the Do Good Better course and trying to resolve the worlds greatest problems, I feel that many of the word issues could be resolved by an increase in EQ.


So with all of this hype regarding EQ, who do I want to interview?  Who have I dedicated an entire Pinterest board to?  Hint: he is considered the father of Emotional Intelligence.  Check out this 13 second video to find out.

Yes this was the most amazing birthday present I received this year, possibly ever.

My friend Drew had the opportunity to interview Daniel Goleman in person (hate him)!  Here is the article he wrote.