Interview with Nikola Tesla? Yes please.


Nikola TeslaI think I’m just as much curious about everything already in the world as I am passionate about creating new ideas in the world.  I think the person I would most like to interview at this point reflects that: Nikola Tesla.  Nikola Tesla was an inventor/electrical engineer/mechanical engineer that was more awesome than most.  His inventions equated to magic, and some of the inventions he allegedly created were so incredible that if they are real and feasible, the government has clearly secured and hidden for fear of the disruptions it would dish out on society.

He’s probably most famous for his design of an alternating current of electricity, but he created so many crazy cool inventions harnessing the power of electricity and energy that he practically wasn’t a mortal being (except for the fact that he died.)  Unfortunately, he was so brilliant that most of his schematics were supposedly kept in his mind (though some speculate that he wrote more than we think, but that the government has locked his writing away.  A plausible theory since we know that some of his writings and materials are, in fact, locked away by the government.)

Would an interview with him help my ability to be a social entrepreneur?  Maybe, especially if I was able to be an apprentice instead of just an interviewee.  If I could write a bunch of his stuff down and give it to talented engineers, they may be able to be excellent social entrepreneurs with the incredible knowledge and ability to harness energy like Tesla, but they may also just become large weapons makers instead.

Sooooo, I hope it’s ok that I talked about something less social impact minded for this post, but this insane genius was on my mind.