Learning how to learn…. it actually happened

Can we agree on how cool this midterm was? Can we sit back and recognize that we were entranced for two hours? Can we concede the fact that this project was a huge success in becoming more aware of not just local problems in Provo, but also in learning how to become more informed and involved in a local community. We decided on a problem to learn about, and then figured out what needed to be done to learn about it, and then went and learned about it. It’s like learning how to learn actually happened.

Of course the greatest takeaway for me from the midterm was in the research that our group did- namely understanding the 211 network for information on non-profits that can help from food kitchens to paying utility bills.

Another one of the great takeaways for me was in the candid appreciation of both the successes and gaps of the systems that we examined. I was particularly interested in the homelessness problem and the deep dive into the real causes- especially understanding that the two main causes were poor choices and unfortunate circumstances. As we understand the factors that go into these two main factors we can both sympathize and understand how to help.

The other main takeaway that I had was in recognizing that there are SO many resources and existing organizations that are targeting the biggest, baddest problems. Although we always take about not creating another NGO, the midterm was a real testament for that. There are so many intelligent stakeholders who are funding programs that are working (in perhaps limited ways). Before we reinvent the wheel, we should look at the wheels that already exist around us.

This takes the cake in the midterm hall of fame.